I enjoy creative writing, and have written several short stories and one novella. All of my short stories are viewable here. Here is a sample from my novella, Demon's Wrath, which is available on amazon for kindle.

"Are you sure we can do this? They all love our gifts, but you saw how they reacted when they saw what Tolkatta did. It was horror."

Priest Avanna spoke out of the corner of his mouth, even though nobody was paying them any attention. His eyes skillfully roamed the crowd, trying to judge if tonight’s antics would succeed.

Dolomar Khatovich, High Priest and Disciple of Thrane spoke in the same manner. They were on the outskirts of the gathering, but he felt the same sense of secrecy. “I remember. There is no need to remind me.”

Avanna tried again. “Then how do you think this will go? Are you going to explain to them the Rule of Sevens? They would lynch us if they knew what the Third Ritual would require of them.”

Khatovich's voice was grave when he responded. "No. Tonight, the hand of fate has been dealt in our favour. Tonight is the night we will rise."

Demon's Wrath

This is a novella set in a fantasy medieval world where a religious cult finds themselves in a small village known as The Hearth. This also happens as a prequel to one of my other short stories, "Demon's Blood" This story is available on amazon kindle.

Short Stories

This is a story set in the world of the Hearth. It is set in the aftermath of a great battle between the religious Chapel, and the Resistance. The Chapel-Resistance war is still ongoing, and there are dire consequences for both sides if they don't achieve their victory. Even worse is what happens if they both lose.

Demon's Blood is intended as a short sequel to the novella Demon's Wrath, which is available for kindle above.


In the infinite reaches of space, a small space cruiser is carrying cargo for the Federation when they run into a few surprises. Imposing military outposts, malfunctioning technology, and a large star a little too close to comfort. Short story of the crew's adventures in space.


Ruins is a post apocalyptic story about the Earth. The Human race has long since left the Earth, expanding to the nearby star system of Kapetyn-b. When all signals from Sol-c suddenly stop, an expensive and dangerous mission is undertaken. Due to the nature of star travel, by the time the mission arrives, fifty years will have passed. It is no longer one of rescue, but one of investigation. However what they find might change the future of the human race.


Smaller One-shots

These are all my really short one shots. Most of these were written in under two hours, some as part of an english course. They hope to illustrate an interesting concept, or at least keep you entertained.

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