Space Federation: Rebel Assault

Space Federation is a game in which you play as a ship of the galactic federation, trying to defeat the rebel fleet, and eventually the rebel flagship, and save the federation. Controls and ability descriptions are in the game.

Space Federation I is a particularly difficult game to first play. The enemies seem endless, your firepower is underwhelming, and there are so many things to keep track of. For those of you trying to beat the rebel flagship on hard, here are a couple tips to better your game play:

  1. Play to your ships strength! Each ship has a different strength and weakness. The Frigate is a default ship because it is pretty average at everything, but the other ships all have a very particular play style that helps you win. The Artillery ship doesn't regenerate hull, but shoots powerful slow shots that use a lot of energy. The Stealth Cruiser is very fragile, but is fast and has good damaging weapons. The Dreadnaught shoots and regenerates both hull and energy extremely fast, but has very low damage. Learn what your ship is good at, and do that.
  2. You don't have to kill everything! All the enemies you see just fly to the edge of the screen. Killing enemies only increases your score. Don't waste firepower on ships you can't destroy, and don't shoot if it won't kill. If you are just trying to achieve victory, save your power until you absolutely need it. Certain ships you should kill because they group up, but for the most part, ignore the standard enemies.
  3. Dodge Everything! Everything happens according to a pattern. Different ships have different attacks. They all have similar amounts of hull points. Pay attention to patterns, and DODGE EVERYTHING! You die very quickly if you get hit by a lot of stuff. If someone is approaching and you know you will get hit, then shoot to kill. Save your energy and shoot when necessary.

Disclaimer: I have beaten this game, on hard, with a top score of 9,816 points.